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[AUDIO] Kurt Russell Destroys Deranged Liberal Pissant

Breakdown-1997-RussellWith increasing intensity, ultra liberals in the United States are demanding tighter laws across the entire spectrum.  That includes gun control laws.  Well Kurt Russell is taking a stand against these pissants, taking on one wannabe commissar head to head in an audio interview. The comrade wants guns banned, as well as making some complaints about violent movies. As Russell rightly observes, the man is all over the place and requests him to ‘connect the dots’

You can listen to the interview here.

Russell asks the man, what next?  Ban knives and cars?  No real response was given unsurprisingly.  It’s also not surprising that crime rates are lower in areas with more lax gun laws.  Even in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq it was a cultural norm to have a closet full of guns.

You do realise we’re headed right into Demolition Man territory right?  Only worse.