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Tarantino May Finish Career With WW2 Movie

tarantinoQuentin Tarantino has said he will only make three more movies.  The Hateful Eight and two final movies.  One is said to be Forty Lashes, a western that may actually become a TV series.  The other, a WW2 yarn titled The Killer Crow.  He tells The Playlist;

“The thing is, the huge stuff that I took out could make its own movie and it followed a platoon of black troops that were court-martialed and they escape. They were in France, they were going to be hung and in London and their whole thing was to get to Switzerland. And they ended up getting into an adventure and they meet the Basterds, so I ended up taking all that out. So I could still do that. That’s the closest thing…I’m not done with it. It’s the closest thing that I have which is a big piece of material that hasn’t been done before. And I would still need to end it and relook at the whole thing again, but that could happen.”

Damnit.  I wanted a serious movie, something less goofy, with substance, like Jackie Brown.  I’m sorry to be a stick in the mud here but I think all of Tarantino’s movies this century have been kinda crap.