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Behind The Scenes: Rampage 3 (2016)

First behind the scenes pictures from Rampage 3.¬†This will be good news if, like me, you have become kind of obsessed with Uwe Boll’s Rampage movies.

Filming commenced this month on the third instalment of the trilogy, which follows the gun toting exploits of social reformer without a conscience Bill Williamson (played brilliantly by Brendan Fletcher).

These pictures were posted on the film’s Facebook page, which is official, so far as I’m aware. There’s also a short video clip from the set on there too –

At the moment plot details are fairly scant, but I’m getting a First Blood vibe from these pictures, one of which appears to show Bill being pursued through the backwoods of Jerkwater, USA, by a SWAT team. Come to think of it, Bill also headed out to the woods at the end to shake off his pursuers in the original movie. Anyway, I’m sure Uwe Boll has something decent planned, so I’m keeping my eye on this one and hoping it’ll be as clever and entertaining as the first two.


rampage 3 pic2

rampage 3 pic1

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