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Cohen Directing Heist Thriller ‘Category 5’

It looks like director Rob Cohen will return to his action roots with upcoming action/thriller ‘Category 5’.  Even better, it’s set to be a heist thriller.  The film will follow a meteorologist and a female treasury agent as the only line of defense to act against a team of hackers out to rob a U.S. Mint facility in a small coastal town amid a Category 5 hurricane.
“Crossing a heist movie set amidst the intense action of a natural disaster was an idea to which I truly responded.” says Cohen. “It’s a chance for me to get back to my roots in doing the adrenaline-pumped action/special effects films I love to create,”
The film will be produced by Karen Baldwin, Michael Tadross Jr., and Danny Roth with Howard Baldwin, Mark Damon, Bill Immerman and Tamara Birkemoe executive producing.