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Social Justice Warriors Attack The Rock

therockOne of the better manly actors out there at the minute is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.  The Rock obviously made a name for himself in the WWF, so from time to time he returns to that part of the entertainment world.  For instance, last night on WWE Raw.  I have not watched that terrible schlock in a long time but apparently The Rock cut some old style promos last night, a typical sex joke they say.

He apparently joked around that he had sex with a female wrestler, she was not allowed to respond.  And now, the social justice warriors are crying foul.  Folks, this is what they’re calling bigotry.

Ah, the old ‘what year is it’ chestnut.  As in, it’s *insert year* and if you don’t agree with me politically, you’d better catch up.  Elsewhere, the head Commissar from BleacherReport says: ‘WWE refuses to move away from sexist treatment of its female characters. Of all the barbs The Rock fired off on Raw, none were more uncomfortable, unnecessary and outdated than the ones aimed at Lana.’

People crying for political reform from actors when they come out with ‘I had sex with you wife’ jokes on TV.  It just begs the question.  Do these people realise that they are extremists?