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Chris Hemsworth Is Girlie-Man In ‘Ghostbusters’

chrishemsworthghostbustersNew pictures from the so-called ‘Ghostbusters’ movie have been released.  It’s going to be an all female venture, where they basically respond to America’s drift further into the ultra left and abuse a name for propaganda purposes.

Anyway, along with making a ‘statement’ about female heroes, they’ve also made a statement and reversed roles. Steroid junkie Chris Hemsworth would’ve been (probably) a movie star in the 1980s, at least maybe in a B-movie with Mary Kove, if only because of his appearance.  Now he’s sitting in the goofy secretaries chair that was previously had a woman stationed in it.

It’s Paul Feig’s contribution to moulding a country’s direction, consciously and deliberately, he’s part of the team. And if you have a problem with it, Sony Pictures head Tom Rothman has a message for you: Fuck You.  Oh yeah, he really said it, that’s who is running Sony Pictures now and that’s reflective of his decorum.

Can you imagine Charles Bronson being approached in the 1980s and asked to play a ‘humorous’ role as an effete secretary behind his badass female hero superiors?  What?  Bronson was too big of a star?  Nope, Hemsworth is bigger than Bronson ever was.  How about Steven Seagal, what would his reaction have been?!

Now I’m all for a joke as much as the next man and can appreciate actors who can poke fun at themselves, like Sylvester Stallone in Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!, but that was just goofy fun, this is just blatant propaganda, more than even the 90% of other Hollywood movies, which are also propaganda.

And now, some pictures from ‘Ghostbusters’.