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Dolph Plays Some ‘Brain Games’

Brain Games 2016 “Dolph Lundgren” from Tyler Korba on Vimeo.

Dolph Lundgren has a message, and you’d better listen with this spot for National Geographic.  You know, recently I got into a pissing match on Reddit about whether or not Dolph Lundgren had the combined charisma of Channing Tatum and ‘that other guy’, from 21 Jump St.  Well, who can deny Drago’s presence in this video?!


Every now and then you look up from what you’re doing and you kinda can’t believe that you’re actually doing it. Shooting this new season launch spot for Brain Games on the National Geographic Channel with Dolph Lundgren was pretty much like that the entire time. Huge thanks to Juniper Jones for collaborating with us on an awesome pitch and bringing the spot to life. Thanks as well to every executive along the way who had the opportunity to say no to the idea and decided not to. This was a fun one.

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