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Kindergarten Cop: A New Day 1st Poster


It was a surprise to everyone when it was revealed that Dolph Lundgren was due to appear in a sequel to 1990 classic (come on, it is!) Kindergarten Cop.  There now appears to be a poster for the movie online, which can be viewed below.

The film has also been retitled to ‘Kindergarten Cop: A New Day’, but that could be temporary and/or simply a working title.  This is probably going to be Lundgren’s best movie in a while, it’s just one of those things where you can feel it.  It would be kind of odd if this movie turned into a trilogy, with Lundgren maybe going the ‘Jump Street’ route.

Of course, Lundgren has more charisma in one pocket than Channing Tatum and ‘that other guy’ combined, although the new Jump Street movies are good, the first one at least.

According to Universal:  A no-nonsense undercover agent meets his match when he poses as a teacher at a progressive elementary school in Kindergarten Cop 2, an all-new movie coming exclusively to home entertainment in 2016 from Universal 1440 Entertainment. A fish-out-of-water tale with laughs for the entire family, the film stars Dolph Lundgren (The Expendables 3, Workaholics) and Bill Bellamy (White Collar, Royal Pains).

One thing this movie really needs is some killer one liners.  And prank calls.