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Cell (2016) Poster and Trailer Released

A trailer and poster art have appeared online for the forthcoming Stephen King adaptation Cell, starring Samuel L. Jackson and John Cusack. I’m not a particular fan of his books, but some of the films they’ve inspired have been alright, and this one has zombies. Judging from the trailer, there’s also a good deal of action and carnage.

The story takes place in New England (as usual) where an artist, played by Cusack, searches for his son amidst post-apocalyptic conditions after a mysterious signal is transmitted through cell phone networks which turns users into mindless, rampaging monsters à la 28 Days Later.

The film has had some difficulty securing a distribution deal but is now due for VOD release on June 10th with a limited theatrical run following in July.

For now I’m putting this one down as a maybe.

(Spotted on Blumhouse)