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Lionheart Getting Remake Treatment


See Sgt. Yushin there in the background of that pic? Many, Yushin (Rambo 2) vs. Van Damme would’ve been a good fight. Anyway it looks like Lionheart is getting the remake treatment.  I suppose now that it’s 26 years since the original it might be surprising that it didn’t happen sooner.  It’s a very good movie but not a massively notable hit, prime remake territory.

According to Impact’s Mike Leeder, Moonstone Entertainment and producer Etchie Stroh (Falcon Rising) have the Lionheart remake listed in pre-production and it’s scheduled to shoot before the end of the year.

It’d better be as manly as fuck like the original and not some pissant art house movie, or whatever.  I’m not sure how you can re-cast the role, that’s probably going to be the hardest part.

Thanks to: Sergei