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New Ghostbusters Clip Is Even Worse Than Trailer

At first I thought Ghostbusters, the remake, was just plain awful looking.  Now with this new clip I’m growing suspicious.

How can something be so downright rotten?  I’m starting to think, somehow, that this is purposely terrible.  I don’t know why, I just struggle to believe someone would try to sell this pigmuck as ‘comedy’.  There’s a thing called disaster tourism, it’s when some people show up to a stricken or struggling country to eyeball the carnage out of morbid curiosity.  I’m actually drawn to this movie for similar reasons.

Of course, there’s also the bald-faced agenda in this clip.  Hey, guys, they’ve stereotyped women for so long, let’s invert it with this male bimbo.  We’ll tolerate him, but the joke’s on him.  See what we did there?  The clever progressive commentary?  Oh and Dan Aykroyd tried hard selling this movie!  Can you believe it!