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20 Years Ago… The Quest


20 years ago now, you may have been walking into a cinema to check out Jean Claude Van Damme’s (literally, he also directed it) The Quest.  It has been that long.  This was quite a decent film.

Critics looked upon the movie poorly, and it wasn’t a box office behemoth (it something like 47 million if I remember correctly, from a 30 million budget), but it sure was underrated.  The fights scenes were old school, but clearly filmed and well lit.  Yeah, a lot of slower and less ‘tap out’, but lucid and fun.

This was Jean Claude Van Damme’s last ‘good’ movie if you ask me.  It was all downhill from there, with a string of bad DTV nightmares leading well into the 2000s.  ‘JCVD’ or Universal Soldier 3 broke the streak, with The Expendables 2 being better too, for a Van Damme movie at the very least.

Here’s to The Quest!  A modest and effective beat ’em up movie…