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Daniel Cormier Talks Working With The Master

Here is a very interesting video.  Where Daniel Cormier talks about being tutored by The Master.

In the video, Cormier talks to noted student Ariel Helwani.  In fact some call Helwani the most enlightened and advanced student of The Master, a most learned follower who has shown his devotion to the Sensei.  Cormier, another student, regales us of how The Master showed him some special moves, which he then applied in battle, sort of.  To devastating effect.

Even better, The Master agreed to fly to Cormier on a private jet and take him under his wing. Specifically to get one over on Jon Jones.  Says Cormier: “I’ve heard stories that Jon Jones was disrespectful to The Master at some point”.

Obviously, when Cormier lost this fight, the decision was corrupt!