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TOP FIVE: Manliest Movies Of 2013

5) Bullet To The Head

This movie was torpedoed both financially and critically. But who cares about girlie-men critics and their conformist bullshit. This is about as old-school as you’re going to get. Directed by ManlyMovie favourite and buddy-cop specialist Walter Hill, 2013 was finally the year he teamed with Sylvester Stallone. It may have a weakness in Sung Kang, but it more than makes up for it in giving a brute force middle finger to what is expected of modern action comedy.

Fuck you, we’ll do our own thing, said Hill and Stallone (probably). A nice axe fight seals the deal, how often do we see one of those? Complete with non shaking-cam and conservative editing, it helped Bullet to the Head edge out Arnie’s The Last Stand.

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