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Gibson Planning Passion Of The Christ Sequel


Man, does this guy have some balls or what!  Mel Gibson is planning another movie about The Boss.  A Passion of the Christ sequel is apparently in the works.  Braveheart screenwriter Randall Wallace is reportedly writing it.

The follow-up will reportedly tell the story of the resurrection of Jesus. Wallace admitted to the project after revealing to THR that he can no longer keep it quiet.

Wallace said that Gibson is involved with the movie and that there is demand from the Christian community for a follow up.  The two worked together on upcoming WW2 movie ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ and have apparently set this one into a higher gear.

While it may sound like such a venture may never get made, Wallace has said that several key financial backers are already giving the unofficial go ahead.

Of course, the original movie is what ruined Mel Gibson’s career.  So apparently he’s not too put out about returning to this part of history.  I look forward to this and expect that it could be a bloodier, heavier, more faithful version of Joseph Fienne’s ‘Risen’, which was fairly watchable in my opinion.