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Who’ll Be The Next James Bond?

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Daniel Craig has recently hung up the tuxedo on his James Bond career.  Which I suppose isn’t surprising, it has been 10 years since he first ventured in this franchise and he isn’t getting younger. Now the question moves towards the casting of the next James Bond.  A lot of names have been thrown up and there is growing interest in who they’re going to pick, even this casting process itself can be fuelled on hype.

There are usual names which showed up last time too, Daniel Day Lewis and Ewan McGregor spring to mind. Looking at some bookies like William Hill betting odds on who’s gonna be the next James Bond after Craig, some of the more popular choices are newer faces such as Idris Elba (16/1) Tom Hardy (12/1) and Tom Hiddleston (15/8).

Elsewhere, the next movie could find its first female director with ‘Night Manager’ director Suzanne Bier being on a supposed short list for that particular gig.  Oh, and Emilia Clarke thinks it might be a nice idea to have a female lead too.  “I have a lot of unrealized dreams,” she told the Daily Star. “I would love to play Jane Bond.”  Oh Emilia, have you learned nothing from Terminator: Genisys?

So what do you think?  Who should be the next Bond and what kind of movie should they be making?