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Dean-Anderson Sought To Save MacGuyver Reboot


After the horrible reaction to the trailer for the new MacGuyver reboot, they decided to scrap the pilot and start over with a new director.  Looks like they’re going a step further and trying to get Richard Dean-Anderson back too.

Executive producer Peter Lenkov says: “We’re hoping to get him on the show… that’s our plan. We’re hoping to have him come on the show and be a part of this incarnation as well. We’re reaching out to him. We’re hoping it happens.”

Lenkov credits filmmaker and fellow EP James Wan’s love of the original that helped get the reboot off the ground. He also says that the new series will keep the spirit of the original:

“MacGyver in his first incarnation was a hero who was unique to the TV landscape. I think if you look at the landscape, there’s a void for that kind of hero. MacGyver in a lot of ways is a very positive kind of character, and he only resorts to violence when he has to.”

Check out this nasty trailer below and see for yourself why they’re panicking.