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The Rock Preparing Bodybuilding Drama


After Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed his involvement in 1970’s-based TV show ‘Pump’, it looks like The Rock is going to do something similar, only set in the 1980s instead.  Here is what he updates us with on Instagram;

BIG NEWS: Our @sevenbucksprod along with our producing partner Beau Flynn’s @flynnpictureco sell a script titled “MUSCLE BEACH” to USA Network! Written by Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer. An original hour long drama series who’s found the perfect home at USA – a network who’s been on fire with their brilliant dramatic television. “Muscle Beach” is set in a legendary bodybuilding gym in 1980’s Venice Beach where a colorful tribe of lost souls struggle to reinvent themselves by bench-pressing their way to a bigger, better American dream, no matter what the cost. As the series explores the body obsessed fitness movement that took the nation by storm during the supersized Reagan 80’s.

Kinda getting a flashback to Pain & Gain, which was kind of a disappointment.  But man, I hope they lay the nostalgia on thick.  Plenty of dialogue about Sly Vs. Arnie and such!

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