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30 Mins Of Cancelled ‘GoldenEye’ Game Surface

Back in 2008 there were plans to do a total remaster of 1990’s video game classic ‘GoldeneEye’.  Everything would get an overhaul and with high definition all the rage at the time, everything would be in HD.

The game was set to be released on the Xbox 360.  Online play was also set to be included, with play over Xbox Live being the main selling point.

However the game was cancelled and never saw the light of day.  Nintendo came knocking with their lawsuit hammer, no GoldenEye for anyone.  Now though you can check out the footage from this game which has just been uploaded recently.

Although Nintendo did shut the game down, they did permit a sequel, which was of course inferior.  This game followed on Xbox and PS3, they probably thought this one would hurt the newer game.