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Conan 3 Writer Teases Opening


Will Beall is busy preparing the third in the Conan series, The Legend of Conan.  He is writing the movie, which is set to star Arnold Schwarzenegger once again,

Beall, when he spoke to /Film at the CBS, CW and Showtime party for the 2016 Television Critics Association press tour, confirmed that Legend of Conan picks up right with the final shot of Milius’ film:

“It opens there. It opens with this [hand on the chin]. It’s where you have to. It’s the sequel that we were promised and never got.”

Beall also recalls his first viewing of the original movie;

“I’m 11 when my father took me to see Conan the Barbarian which you should never take an 11-year-old kid to. It was a life changing thing. It’s an unbelievable movie. It comes back to [director John] Milius, right? There’s nobody better and it’s a real movie. It’s a truthful movie. Chris and I from the very beginning said there’s no reason to do it unless it’s a worthy sequel to Milius’s Conan and I think we’ve got that. I really do.”

Could be a way for Arnold to correct his career in the later stages of it.  Let’s keep fingers crossed.