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POLL: Which Was The Manliest ‘Punisher’ Movie?

I thought about doing a poll on this and just about forgot that there’s a fourth ‘Punisher’, Jon Bernthal.  So this question is going to be – which movie, or TV show, was or is the manliest of The Punisher series?  Either as a character or movie by itself.  Of course Dolph Lundgren was the first, then Thomas Jane with Ray Stevenson also appearing as The Punisher.

I can personally say that the 2004 is my favourite ‘Punisher’, easily. That movie was so fucking cool and still is. I have to reflect the sentiments of ‘Haraldo’ though who mentioned in the comments section a while back that normally Bernthal’s Punisher would look good, but now it’s just hard to summon the willpower to watch yet another comic book feature, even a violent one like this series. I feel the same, although maybe when Bernthal gets his own pilot…

So which is the manliest Punisher?