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The Return Of The King?


Normally we don’t cover video games here.  But I feel an exception has to be made for The King.

In regards to the Duke Nukem property, looks like there’s a new website with a countdown. Also a new twitter account.  But what could it be for?  Well one rumour says the 20th anniversary of Duke Nukem 3D will see the game get a remaster of sorts.

It’s Registered to a Balls of Steel LLC.

‘Reddit’ says the game will feature “co-op as well as deathmatch” online and will have “a lot of new/original content” to make it more of a “remix” than a remaster. Based on the images it’s still using older assets and engine tech spruced up a bit for modern PCs, rather than fully new 3D models.

Could be fake though, those images look horrible.

Anyway, remember the feedback the last game got.  How the gaming industry has changed, The King was lambasted as a sexist, misogynistic dinosaur by the new white knight generation of SJW games journalists.  In this new game, I really hope ID directs The King’s ire towards these pansies.

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