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Van Damme Says UFC Fighters Must Work On Kicks


Jean Claude Van Damme is a fan of UFC fighters, calling them ‘amazing’.  However, he says they need to work on their kicking techniques.

He says ‘if I can give my knowledge to some of those amazing UFC fighters in terms of legs, I have a lot to teach.’ He says ‘right now it’s a mess’ and he wants to teach power, flexibility and dexterity to the UFC fighters.

Van Damme says that fighters today ‘are missing… they are out of balance. Thank god they have good jiu-jitsu.’, he explained before demonstrating a kick in the parking lot to

Van Damme then says that in the olden days, fighters took years to perfect their kicks and when UFC fighters do the same, they will become ‘unstoppable’.

But Jean Claude!  Someone has already beaten you to the punch (kick)… to the master, this is old news.

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