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Boyka: Undisputed Premiering At Fantastic Fest


I hope that Scott Adkins’ next movie, Boyka: Undisputed, is better than his last movie, Hard Target 2.  I’d say most of us suspect that it will, since it’s the Undisputed series.  Now we have news that the movie will premiere at Fantastic Fest on Thursday.  If anyone can make that, drop us a line.

Escaped from prison and longing for a legitimate life, Yuri Boyka must choose between a shot at the glory he has trained for and the demands of his conscience after tragedy strikes in the ring.

This movie is also set to star the 6’8 monster Martyn Ford, a guy who really does like like a fucking dinosaur. I’m really looking forward to a fight between this guy and Scott.

Will Undisputed IV be a dark horse for a 2016 manly movie of the year contender?