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Craig Offered Incredible Money For Bond Return


When they said recently that the casting for the new Bond movie had been ‘narrowed’, it was only after I posted it here that I realized that eight+ contenders really isn’t too narrow at all.  It seems to me that they’re kind of nervous in putting a new guy in front of the camera and can’t decide who.  So is it a surprise to hear that Daniel Craig is once again being sought for Bond?

If it isn’t, what about the money they’re throwing at him?  150 million for two more movies.

Man oh man, that’s a lot of money.  You can somewhat appreciate their predicament.  The last time Bond was rebooted, he was driving around in invisible cars while Matt Damon was first doing the Bourne thing.  This time I suppose they feel they’ve more to lose.

In my opinion, Craig and Sam Mendes need to go.  I would like to see a relatively unknown actor be directed by Martin Campbell, with competent writers of course.  Because does it really matter who stars or directs if Neal Purvis and Robert Wade show up again to write another bloated, boring yarn?  Cut the damn reboot down to 100 minutes (not every major movie needs to be 140 mins to prove its worth), get some pace and suspense in there.