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Jamie Lee Curtis Suggests Dushku Leads True Lies 2


It might be a good bet by now to say that True Lies 2 is not going to happen.  Not with Arnold Schwarzenegger getting on in age, but worse, James Cameron’s apparent lack of interest.  If he’s filming ten Avatar movies in the coming years, it doesn’t look likely.

However, Jamie Lee Curtis thinks she has a good idea – let Eliza Dushku lead the new movie.

“Do you you really wanna see old people running around fighting bad guys?” she asked during an appearance on Access Hollywood Live on Thursday (22 Sep 16).

“I think the only way to do it would be if Eliza Dushku, who played our daughter, was now the spy and we were like the Judi Dench character in the Bond movies, M.

“If Arnold and I were sort of the old people sitting at the desk… and then maybe right at the end when she (Eliza) gets caught, we have to sort of do it again.”

Man, don’t give the studio ideas!  Limited run sequel with female badass lead, with extended cameo from P.R. hound Arnold Schwarzenegger at the end… totally possible.

One thing is for sure though, even if it’s a lowly VOD movie, Tom Arnold will be all over it!