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‘Lethal Weapon’ Stars Did Not Consult Glover Or Gibson


While Tom Hardy sought Mel Gibson’s approval for Mad Max Fury Road, the stars of ‘Lethal Weapon’ did not care to speak to Danny Glover nor Mel Gibson about their new roles in the TV series.

“I’m sure they’ve all got many other things to worry about other than me and bigger careers and things to focus on,” said Clayne Crawford, who revived the role of Detective Martin Riggs made famous by Mel Gibson.

The 38-year-old Crawford says that while was shooting the show, he had no contact whatsoever with Gibson, 60, or Glover, 70, who played his partner, Roger Murtaugh.

Murtaugh portrayer Damon Wayans, 56, also said he’s had no communication with the original “Lethal Weapon” stars.

“No, I haven’t spoken to them,” he told NYDailyNews at a screening of the new Fox series at the 10th anniversary of the PaleyFest Fall TV preview event in Los Angeles. Nor does he want to: “To alleviate the trepidation, you can’t go pet the tiger. It would be flattering if after this airs, you get a call from Mel Gibson or Danny Glover saying, ‘Hey, guys, good job.’

Damon… don’t hold your breath.