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Rampage: President Down Gets Postered

Exciting times ahead… we’re getting another violent vigilante movie, the third in the Rampage series.  Rampage: President Down is released next week.  Few other sites seem to even be aware of this movie’s existence, so let’s share the poster below.

Bill Williamson (Brendan Fletcher) is back in the final chapter of the Rampage trilogy. “In the series’ previous installment, he stated that we needed to “kill the rich and rip Washington apart” – and that’s exactly what he’s doing now doing. After assassinating the President of the United States, Williamson ignites the largest manhunt in American history. This act of domestic terrorism will change the country forever.

The movie was directed by Uwe Boll.  Personally, I would’ve released the movie somewhat closer to the election, because either way the winner is going to be extremely unpopular with about 50% of the American public.  Rampage: President Down hits VOD and DVD on September 6th.