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REVIEW: Amerigeddon (2016)


Half of the internet doesn’t know this movie exists, the other half is laughing at it.  With its silly title ‘Amerigeddon’ and 3.7 rating on the IMDb, you’d be forgiven for thinking this relatively low budget action/thriller isn’t worthy of even a first glance.  However even though it’s cheap I’m going to say that this movie is a target of political bias, extreme political bias in fact.  The film’s director, Chuck Norris’ son Mike Norris, has even said that leftists poisoned him at a film event.  It’s as if the owners of and got together and made a movie. Actually maybe that’s not so far from the truth, you’ll spot an Alex Jones cameo at the start.

The story sees a plot being hatched for a single world government, which will be kicked off by launching a false flag EMP attack on America, followed by the deployment of globalist troops on American soil, helped by left wing traitors from the U.S. Army (oh yeah, it really does go there!).  However, standing in their way is Lt. Brandon Lane (Spencer Neville), a nationalist patriot who deserts from the U.S. Army to join team patriotism.  The place is a mess, and with the power grid dead, Lt. Lane joins fellow survivalist traditionalists Charlie (Gary Heavin) and Diane Ladd, to defend their way of life.

This movie is the polar opposite to what is being shown in Hollywood today, it’s almost shocking.  Even during the Reagan era I don’t think even the Cannon Group would’ve dared make a movie like this, I think it’s the first fully nationalist movie I’ve ever seen, this century anyway, funded by and produced by the alt-right.  In this movie, the girl walks away from her manly boyfriend because he joins the army, she then dates a liberal pissant at her campus.  But when the attack comes and law and order is dead, her new liberal boyfriend flees and leaves her for dust.  She then comes full circle and realizes she needs a real man, Lt. Lane, who gives spinning back kicks to street thug looters.  Rarely, if not never, will you see a movie that writes the liberal campus dick as the coward and the soldier as the hero.

The trade off for this type of thing is a low budget, but still quite good looking all things considered.  I mean, it’s filmed in America, with some beautiful cinematography.  But we also have to suffer pretty awful acting, the scene where Heavin confronts Alex Jones’ corrupt senator and denounces him as a traitor, is very awkwardly directed, to the point where those who support the status quo will find it laughable and have their excuse to dismiss the movie. We’re also in PG-13 territory here and, come to think of it, it’s kind of like an old episode of Walker: Texas Ranger in many ways.  Whether that’s a good or bad thing is up to you.


But the movie spends almost its entirety shitting on the American government and leftist governments in general.  It goes after taboo subjects such as false flags and heralds Oath Keepers in the United States military.  The hot chicks love their guns and family values.  It’s as if the film knows it has a one time effort on the stage and uses its minutes to go after everyone from gun grabbers to members of the UN.  For these things alone, truly, this was a movie that was always going to be ostracized.