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Suggested Manlier Re-Cut Of The Expendables 2

While I did enjoy The Expendables 2, I thought its main problem was the overuse of self referential humour and a general tendency towards happy go lucky cheesiness overall.  So I decided to edit the copy of the movie that I own and purchased in 2012, removing the goofy shit where possible.  To compliment their removal, I added some deleted scenes which exist for the movie, such as Randy Couture and Terry Crews killing more men with shotguns at the airport.  The original runtime was 103 minutes.  The runtime of the version I have edited is around 99 minutes.  For those wondering, I ripped the Blu Ray version that I own and edited it with Sony Vegas.

Here is a list of what was changed.  You can check the movie back and see what you think and if anything else could be removed, or added.  There are a few other alterations I would like.  I think that the hue and colour of the transfer could be cooled down, maybe, Terminator 2 style.  A colder and meaner soundtrack would also help this movie.  What other movies could this be tried with?

03:55: Removed Terry crews celebration (2 secs)

04:29: Removed joking between Lundgren and Li (3 secs)

06:48: Removed “Ohh this is embarrassing” dialogue by Arnold (2 secs)

07:25: Removed “If i dont get this back, your ass in Terminated” (5 secs)

14:40: Removed Stallone/Statham joke about Statham being amazing (3 secs)

15:30: Removed cheesy Chinese takeout joke where all of the cast laugh happily (5 secs)
Inserted: Conversation between Crews/Statham/Lundgren on cheating women (30 secs)

17:08: Removed cheesy self referential joke about Lundgren’s real life educational credentials and his relationship with Grace Jones, which ends in cast laughing happily (40 secs)

Inserted: Willis insulting Stallone on plane (10 secs)

31:09: Edited a scene where Stallone desposes of two wild dogs chewing on a corpse, removed scene of dogs fleeing and forwarded gunshot sounds, looks like Ross possibly killed the dogs off screen – (4secs)

Inserted: Stallone explaining the name Expendables – (40secs)

19:34: Removed old men can’t run joking/cheese (30 secs)

46:45: Removed goof knuckle duster talk (5 secs)

47:49: Removed “he’s really gigantic” (4 secs)

51:00: Removed shitty comedy about last meal (1 min)

55:30: Removed Chuck Norris Good Bad & Ugly garbage (20secs)

56:30: Removed garbage Norris cheese  (20 secs)

1:09:00: Removed Lundgren self referential PHD comedy (enough!) (1:40 min)

1:11:09: Removed “I’m back” cheese (02 secs)

Inserted: Crews and Couture killing pissants at airport (40 secs)

1:15:00: Removed more Chuck Norris Good Bad & Ugly cheese (2 secs)

1:16:11: Removed Willis/Arnie “I’ll be back/yippie kay yay” back and forth cheese (7 secs)

1:16:24: Removed “Who is next, Rambo?” cheese (3 secs)

1:17:00: Removed Arnie ripping door off cheese (5 secs)