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The GOAT To Star In New Spy Actioner


After Mel Gibson’s amazing movie Blood Father, it seems they’re after him for another manly movie.  Gibson is to star (well, in talks, anyway) in Every Other Weekend.  According to The Hollywood Reporter;

Clement Miserez and Jean-Charles Levy are producing the feature — which is eyeing a late-year start in France — along with Peter Safran (The Conjuring).

The script has a multigenerational-family storyline that centers on a father who has his son convinced he’s a CIA spy, but in actuality he works in the agency’s IT department. However, on a father-son trip in Paris, the two find themselves in a life-threatening adventure in which secrets are spilled.

But man, I wish John Frankenheimer was alive to direct this.  For some reason Ronan pops into my head reading this, must be the location too.