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REVIEW: Highlander III: The Final Dimension (1994)


‘400 years is a long time to hate’

*Spoilers Below*

Connor MacLeod (Christopher Lambert) is the highlander, an immortal being and master swordsman from 16th century Scotland.  After the death of his beloved wife, Heather, he wanders the world in search of answers.  He goes to Japan, to the ice capped mountains of Niri and meets the old sorcerer, Nakano (Mako) in his cave.

The sorcerer teaches Connor Japanese sword fighting techniques as well as tricks of illusion.  He also warns the highlander of the fearsome and evil immortal, Kane (Mario Van Peeples) who is on a merciless path of destruction.  Attired like a Mongol warlord, Kane burns Japanese villages and vindictively murders peasants.

Kane manages to find the location of Nakano’s cave and confronts the immortal sorcerer.  Nakano’s final act before being beheaded is using his remaining magic to cause a cave-in, entombing Kane in the rubble.

400 years later in 1994, a team of archaeologists are excavating artifacts near the mountains of Niri.  Their excavation creates enough commotion to free Kane from his slumber.  Kane seeks revenge on Connor MacLeod, now living peaceably in the Middle East with an adopted son.

Highlander III: The Final Dimension is a rather pedestrian outing for Christopher Lambert.  Nonetheless, its light years ahead of the truly wretched, Highlander: End Game and Highlander: The Quickening.

Mario Van Peeples’ Kane is more comical than threatening, especially when sporting his biker/punk rock look complete with pierced nipples.  His character is a rehash of the Kurgan.  Also disappointing are the generic sword fighting scenes, which are dimly lit and unimaginatively choreographed.

Despite its mediocrity, Highlander III: The Final Dimension is likely the second best film in the Highlander franchise.