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Tom Hanks Puts His Two Cents In On Trump

I’ve always liked Tom Hanks and felt that he genuinely came across as a nice guy. I don’t think these videos do him any favours though. Firstly he remarks that Hilary Clinton is, and I quote, “wildly, wildly qualified to be the president of the United States.” Sure, having 30 years’ experience as part of America’s plutocratic, bought and paid for political elite. Then he goes on to slam Donald’s “locker room” talk, claiming to be “offended as a man.” Fuck’s sake, Tom. Whatever your take on who should be the next president, that’s embarrassing. Then again, could it be just a cheap attempt at drumming up some business for his latest movie? In any event, I’ve found that this video gets more cringe worthy the more you look at it. “No, no, no. He wasn’t in a locker room, he was at work.” Really, Tom? Really?