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‘Uncharted’ Movie Back On The Radar, Again


UPDATED: Looks like this movie is back on again.  Unsurprising, given the success of the fourth game (they were probably keeping an eye on its performance) and the fact that Sony essentially owns the property.  This time, they’ve hired Shawn Levy (Night at the Museum and Real Steel) to direct.  Unfortunately that heralds some soft ass shit, whereas I was kind of hoping for something like The Last Crusade, not an outright children’s project.

PREVIOUSLY: It seems that this movie is going in and out, and back into, development hell.  The planned Uncharted movie has hit the skids once again.  Its release date of June 30th 2017 has been pulled.  Indefinitely it appears.  Which is kind of crappy, who knows, it may have been a good Indiana Jones riff.  The games certainly are.

The reason for the delay is that writer/director Joe Carnahan is now completely committed to Bad Boys For Life, the third movie in that series.

The original plan for the movie was to have David O. Russell direct, with Mark Wahlberg starring as Nathan Drake. Russell backed out of the project after he provoked uproar by declaring that he was going to write and shoot something completely removed from anything the games were about… with Wahlberg.

Man, I bet if this series had a female lead, it would already have been made.