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The 1st Time In 20 Years I’ve Spotted This…


Since Die Hard is one of the manliest movies of all time and I’m supposed to know every detail of it, it has only taken me well over 20 years to spot this.  Although I’m sure others have long since known about this and probably rightly lament my missing it, it’s new and cool to me.

Above is Wilhelm von Homburg, who played the villain Vigo the Carpathian in Ghostbusters II.

But as we see above, Hans Gruber really could pick ’em!  He’s also James, one of Gruber’s men who operate the crew-served recoil-less ant- tank rifle (which John McTiernan designed himself, fuckin’ love that trivia) on the armoured car.

I dunno man, I just never knew this.  Maybe others didn’t as well.  In my defence, I’ll put it down to the Ghosbusters II makeup department.

Wilhelm von Homburg led an ‘interesting’ life, hanging out with Hells Angels, allegedly raping his own stepmother, performing as a wrestler, hanging out with Arnold Schwarzenegger (whom his father trained with) and eventually dying alone, homeless having been riddled with cancer.