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‘Wrong Sarah Connor’ Talks Terminator (1984)

She was murdered in her own home by killer cyborg Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Marianne Muellerleile, now 67, played the ‘other Sarah Connor’.  Her one line of dialogue — actually one word of dialogue, “Yes?” wasn’t much, but it’s always fun hearing people talk about Jim Cameron.On meeting Jim Cameron and being cast she recently said at Christmas; “I remember sitting at this huge conference table with James (Cameron) all of about two feet opposite me.  All he said was “Somebody’s pointing a gun at you, how do you react?” and I had to start silently screaming on the spot.  In many ways it was simple.  But what was unusual was that I had to come back and do the same silent screaming twice before they give me the part!”

Useless trivia?  It’s The Terminator!  In the words of Dr. Silberman, this stuff is great! Nothing about that movie is uninteresting.  If not, anyone think she looked like an overweight Ellen Ripley/Sigourney Weaver back then?  Sure… c’mon look again!

Source: Empire Magazine (2014)