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A New Low From George Clooney

George Clooney is making a new movie about the so-called ‘White Helmets’.  Here is what The Guardian says about Mr. Clooney’s upcoming project.

George Clooney is to make a fictional film about the White Helmets – the Syria Civil Defence whose approximate 3,000 volunteers act as first responders in the war-torn country.

Fictional?  Since when was this not fictional?  Here’s a little trick, go to Google and type in White Helmets and see what autocomplete gives you, seeing ‘controversy’ and ‘propaganda’?  Or how about checking out the trailer for the documentary that Clooney is basing this on, The White Helmets?  Look at that trailer, see anything wrong there? A giant dislike ratio.

These ‘White Helmet’s are affiliated with scum who behead children, with Al-Nusra (Al-Qaeda affiliate).  CNN also had to admit that they were caught staging fake videos.  The idea is to make the Russian and Syrian air forces look like evil butchers.  In reality, the real first responders are the Red Crescent activists and they often come under fire from Mr. Clooney’s boys.

So really, this a new low coming from George Clooney.

I have an idea though.  Maybe Russia should make a movie about the heroic Syrian Army and the Christian paramilitaries who have been fighting alongside them?