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Costner Wants To Direct 10 Hour Western

Kevin Costner has came out with a lot of crap over the years but also a lot of really good stuff.  Some of his better efforts have been westerns and movies directed by himself.  Now it seems Costner may return to the western genre as director.

Early this week, he told Vulture that he’s getting the directing itch more than acting lately;

“I have another Western I’ve co-written with some people, and I would like to play out the second half of my career directing more. I’ve constantly given the movies I’ve found to directors who I thought could do it better, but there are a lot of voices in my ear from my family saying, ‘You need to direct the movies you fall in love with.’ So I think I will.”

But his next effort is going to be something different.  He tells Variety that this new western will be really huge:

“I’ve been working on it. It’s about 10 hours long, how about that? Maybe I’ll make three features out of it. There’s a fourth one, too, so it’s truly a saga. I could do TV, or I could also make it like every six months, have a big western that’s tied together like ‘Jean de Florette’ and ‘Manon of the Spring.’ I think those are fun to watch.”

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