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Five Things A Man Can Learn From Casino Movies


Many casino movies hold interesting lessons. In this article, we will take a look at some of these lessons from the different movies.

How to make the impossible hand possible

The Cincinnati Kid is a movie that taught us that regardless of your skills at Five Card Stud, you will always find someone that can beat you. In the poker thriller, the odds for getting the final hand are even thinner than getting struck by lightning during a thunder storm.

In the final play, The Kid played by Steve McQueen played by goes head on with Lancey Howard. Lancey’s straight flush beats the full house from The Kid. In 45,102,784 games of poker, this will only happen once. So the movie shows again that poker is still a gamble every single time! An important lessone even if you are playing on something like Paypal Casinos (which I’ve been using those sites a lot recently).

How to be James Bond

In Casino Royale, which was probably Craig’s best damn movie for his run, James Bond is able to keep pace with professional-level poker players with a martini and a smirk. In the film’s final hand, bond wins against a full house, with a straight flush. It borrows some elements from The Cincinnati kid but the dangerous twist is one that you can only achieve as James Bond. The odds are low though.

Cheating will get you beat up

In the movie Casino, Joe Pesci’s character lived and enjoyed the casino life until he got busted and was left with a mutliated face. The film reminds everyone again that eagle-eyed casinos are always on the watch for anyone that tries to tamper with the gambling nature of the game. Real casinos may not hit you in the face repeatedly with a bat but it is still a reminder to be classy when you go to try your luck.

However, Sharon Stone may be too tempting for any red blooded manly man!

An unethical college professor could be your ticket to financial freedom

In the movie “21” College doesn’t just turn you into a productive member of the society, instead it also shows you how to milk Las Vegas casinos of millions of dollars. The film teaches how wits will always win out over odds but that is assuming that you have mentor that doesn’t care about morals behind you! “21” is about a group of MIT math geniuses who team up with a professor to bring in millions from Blackjack. You can replicate the counting cards technique in real life but it takes a lot of time and you need a very sharp memory to pull it off. Casino sites that accept paypal can allow you sharpen your skills before you attempt to hit the big leagues.

You can make good money by investing in cards

Most people treat card games as an interesting distraction and many financial advisors will not recommend seeing them as your ticket to a fulfilling life in retirement. As Matt Damon’s character in Rounders, however, Texas Hold ‘Em can get you $30,000 and pay off a $10,000 debt owed to a college professor and free your best friends from Russian mobsters. Easy right?