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Dane Paine Says There Were No Moon Landings

The Expendables and B-Action movie star Steve Austin recorded a podcast this past Christmas, among other things such as telling people who are offended by Christmas to go fuck themselves, Dan Paine also had some harsh words about the Apollo Landings.  ‘I think the kayfabed (faked) all that shit.  Back in ’62 or whatever it was, to land on the moon for them guys to take off and land unscathed on that little thing. You see the gimmick pictures, the way the flag was.  I ain’t buying it.’

Stunning Steve then reasoned that the tech couldn’t have been up to much.

‘Man, I had a ’65 Ford Stepside pickup, 3 speed six cylinder.  So if that was 1965, what kind of fucking invention did they have in ’62, I think it was ’62.  So a ’62 space ship travelling so many miles to the moon, landing that sumbitch on the moon then coming off the moon.  And they had enough oxygen and landed on the earth and got out and started walking around.’

Mr. Austin continued;

‘One small step for mankind and all that shit.  I dunno what the fuck was said.  But come on, man.  A ’62 space ship going to the moon!  A man walking on the moon in a moon suit, I mean, you know, what was they shitting in?  What was they pissing in?  What kind of grub did they take?’

Anyway, for some reason this based, beast, theme kept ringing through my head while typing that;