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Chan & Brosnan In ‘The Foreigner’ (First Artwork)

Above is the first artwork for the Jackie Chan/Pierce Brosnan-starring ‘The Foreigner’. Filming finished a while back, but not without creating some fuss. According to The Telegraph;

A bus was blown up on a bridge in central London as part of a filming for a new movie – sparking a temporary panic among unsuspecting tourists and bystanders.

A number of people in the centre of the capital were left shocked after the blast on Lambeth Bridge sent flames high into the air, with some witnesses fearing it was a terrorist attack.

In the movie, Chan goes after Pierce Brosnan, a member of the IRA. After Brosnan presumably blows up Chan’s daughter on the bus, Chan looks to get medieval. Controversy, such as petrified civilians near a film shoot, is always good.

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