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Liam Neeson Set For New Revenge Actioner

I thought that Liam Neeson said a while back that he was done with the whole hardass action/thriller thing, which kind of took off for him with Taken and kept rolling.

But Neeson, producer Michael Shamberg and Studiocanal are teaming for the Rocky Mountains-set action revenge thriller Hard Powder.

Neeson will play a man whose son is murdered by pissant mobsters.  Then, probably the best thing that can happen in a manly movie… someone has to pay!

The actions of Nels, played by Neeson, sparks a turf war between a Native American mobster and a vegan mobster named ‘The Viking’.  Sounds like it has all the ingredients for a manly movie to me.  Hans Petter Moland directs, with a filming date set for March in Canada.