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REVIEW: New Jack City (1991)

The other day I was looking over the list of films that were nominated for the Academy Awards and while I was reading the list I realized that I had no idea what most of these movies were about. No movies featuring Nicolas Cage trolling, no documentaries about the  adventures of our Sensei Seagal, no movies about guys kicking ass featuring excessive gratuitous hot female nudity  and explosions, I mean, what kind of movies were these?!

So I noticed this movie that’s in a bunch of categories and not knowing what it was about I Googled it. Turns out the movie is about a black man who’s growing up in a tough neighborhood, who is gay and facing racism and homophobia and that’s it! That’s when I dropped my tablet not wanting to get an STD. I mean seriously Hollywood, just go for broke,  just make the character retarded and put him in a concentration camp and give the movie 20 stupid fucking Oscars.
And then I started to think ( yes I do that from time to time, not often but every now and again) last year Jada Pinkett Smith, a troll dwarf who nobody would know if she wasn’t married to Will Smith, started boycotting the Oscars because her husband put on a fake accent for a movie and did not get a nomination and when an actor does that it’s supposed to automatically merit a nomination. So there could only be one reason and one reason only why this happen and that is of course racism. So the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite” started trending and soon the likes of other Social Justice Warrior celebrities started joining in. People started talking about the lack of diversity at the award shows, blah blah blah, this and that, and that’s when it hit me. Here on this site we constantly talk about how “pussyfied” the culture has become, how soft our movies have gotten. And then I realised the virus had also infected “Black Cinema”.

How many movies a year do we get about black slaves & the white assholes that owned them. In an industry where everything is money, have you noticed these movies don’t make a lot of money or no money at all but they keep making them and also keep getting wide theatrical releases. White Social justice Warriors are in charge of financing Black Cinema and it’s interesting that the more liberal the industry has gotten we don’t get as many “black films” as we once did.

They want us to watch more diversity in movies but the problem is that they’re just feeding us shit. How many movies can you produce about black people getting slaved and owned and after 2 hours Matthew McConaughey or Brad Pitt goes “Hey this is wrong!” & cue the sad score.

You see Hollywood, we don’t need movies like “Amistad” or “12 years or 12 steps of slaves or whatever”. We don’t watch these movies cause we are racist, we don’t watch these movies cause they’re boring & they are shit. You know what we need Hollywood? We need more movies like “Shaft”. Give us a movie where the guy shoots thugs and bangs hot chicks throughout the picture. You want us to like black movies? Don’t show us a slave getting beat up for 2 hours, give us Wesley Snipes as fucking “Blade”. Who doesn’t want to be Blade?! Blade kicks ass!
Blaxploitation films we’re all the rage during the 1970s and during the 80s and 90s we got some great ones also.

I don’t want to watch a movie about being gay in da hood, I would rather watch this⤵

During the early 90s the rapper Ice-T  starred in a bunch of movies I liked.  The Walter Hill directed “Trespass”, the underrated actioner “Ricochet” starring Denzel Washington & Ice-T’s acting debut in “New Jack City”.  It’s Politically Incorrect to show certain minorities committing acts of crime so that’s why these movies barely get made anymore and when they do, they don’t get the wide theatrical release they once did.

I love “New Jack City” and this movie is considered by many as the “Black Scarface”. As a matter of fact they reference the movie  “Scarface” throughout the movie.

The movie starts in 1984 just around the time the crack drug was becoming known in America. Ice-T is to be revealed as an undercover cop named Scotty Appleton working in the Harlem neighborhood, while the up-and-coming criminals are a gang led by Wesley Snipes as Nino Brown called the “Cash Money Brothers” or the “CMB”.

The movie starts having the Ice-T character arresting the Chris Rock character named Pookie during a drug deal. Then we meet the Cash Money Brothers and how they’re planning to take over the drug market in the neighborhood.

The character of Nino Brown played by Wesley Snipes, comes up with an idea to take over an entire building in the neighborhood. One big drug cartel in the hood, As he describes “one place to make the product, one place to sell the product”. The Cash Money Brothers succeed and they become a million dollars a week business.

The story of these characters span through seven years. Later on Scotty and Pookie join forces and Scotty uses the ex-addict Pookie to infiltrate the gang but the attempt fails which then leads Scotty and his partner Nick Peretti played by Judd Nelson to try to go undercover themselves & infiltrate Nino Brown’s gang.

The movie is not a masterpiece but it’s a kick-ass movie IMO. One of the things that really make it work are the performances. What Wesley Snipes is to this movie is what Al Pacino was to “Scarface”. These movies do not work unless you have a great villainous character, portrayed by an actor turning in a great performance and here Wesley Snipes as Nino Brown just Kicks-Ass.
Snipes here turns in one of the best performances of his entire career. His character Nino Brown is one cold-hearted, drug dealing-motherfucker.

The rest of the cast, like I mentioned, it’s good too.

The movie was directed by Mario Van Peebles and if you’re a fan of 80s and 90s rap then you might like the soundtrack of this movie.

“New Jack City” it’s an example of American black Cinema we don’t get today because annoying white social justice warriors dictate what is acceptable and what is not & they have a list of people that can be portrayed as evil and the inner cities are on the list of things you cannot portray as bad, you can only show them as victims of the establishment. You have to remember nobody knows the ghetto like white liberals.. cough cough

So while there’s a lot of talk about the lack of diversity in films, maybe the conversation should be about the lack of quality of these films. So if you ever read or hear about this racial controversy in the media, which is nearly impossible to escape from in this day and age, maybe on this article you got at least another point of view.

So there Hollywood, less Beyonce ass-kissing, less shitty movies about slavery, less “Whitey sucks” divisive propaganda and give us more manly urban movies like “New Jack City”.

-Mucho Macho