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Rumor: Van Damme In The Expendables 4

Here’s a rumor for The Expendables 4.

Jean Claude Van Damme is apparently returning to the series.  And while this story flew under the radar and is a few weeks old, and probably unlikely, it is going from what most would describe as a ‘legit’ source; Muscle & Fitness Magazine.  They’ve got their own print magazine etc.

They don’t say much more than that, only adding; Yeah, we know Van Damme’s character was knocked off in The Expendables 2, but this is Hollywood baby and bringing the dead back to life is no problem for the creative minds in the industry.

So anyway, Stallone and Co. have their work cut out for them in building bridges destroyed by EX3-Gate, but just imagine Steven Seagal, Van Damme and someone like Jackie Chan was announced… I’m sure the hype may just kick off again.

Thanks To: Sergei