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The Chinese To Buy Out Millennium Films?

Avi Lerner’s Millennium Films /Nu Image may be in sale talks with Chinese financier Recon group, according to reports.  Of course, this is noteworthy to use because they produce a lot of movies on our radar.  Perhaps most notably The Expendables series.

Bloomberg News  on Tuesday reported two unnamed sources close to Recon suggesting that Recon might attempt to buy Los Angeles-based producer and sales agent Millennium. Bloomberg’s sources said that Recon might use Shenzhen-listed subsidiary Recon Wenyuan Cable.

Recon is headed by Chinese businessman Tony Xia (aka Xia Jiantong.).

There have been rumours of an Expendables 4 being at least partially filmed in China.  I would say that at this point, this would be good news.  Because under Avi Lerner’s leadership we’ve seen a lot of blown pontential.

It’ll be interesting to see what they do with certain movies, if they buy…