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IMDb Adopts ‘F’ Rating For Feminist Movies

I don’t know whether you’ll believe this next story.  I scarcely believe it myself.  After triple checking that the two sources (one and two) weren’t satire sites, I came to the conclusion that what I was reading was real life.

The IMDb (and cinemas in the United Kingdom) are to adopt a new ‘F’ rating (F for Feminist?) for movies that feature prominently women in the cast or production.  It’s not a joke, this is what they say;

A new ‘F’ rating for films which highlights the roles of women in films has been adopted by dozens of cinemas and the industry bible IMDb.

Aside from being yet another disturbing political knee under the entertainment table, it’s like when pre-schoolers are given ‘Big Girl’ badges for coloring in their drawings extra neat.  But wait, it gets even better.  Some movies are going to get a ‘Triple F’ rating.

Some films have even been awarded a ‘Triple F’ rating to indicate movies written, directed and starred by women.


Astute manly men will also notice the timely coincidence.  A recent, major, decision was taken on the IMDb.  Well gentlemen, now we know why they closed the forums!  The rabid extremists are knocking on the doors of escapist entertainment and taking names!

Anyway, we here at ManlyMovie are all for women learning their As, Bs, Cs, Ds, Es and Fs…