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REVIEW: Get Out (2017)

There is one film that has caused somewhat of a sensation in the United States of America ever since it premiered in the last Sundance Film Festival. The movie got a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes & for what I understand, it means that everybody fucking loved it, everybody thinks it’s perfect. I’ve seen reviews of the movie online and it confirms that everybody loves this movie. According to it’s hype, it’s a fucking masterpiece!

I get the vibe that if the Academy Awards were held at this very fucking moment, they would award the movie in every category cause the movie it’s perfect. Forget the first two “Godfather” movies, forget “Saving Private Ryan”, “Goodfellas”, “Casablanca”, “Citizen Kane” or even “Gone with the Fuckin’ Wind”, this movie is better than all of them combined according to all the amazing reviews is getting. The movie I’m writing about is “Get Out”.

The movie debuted at number one at the box office the weekend it premiered & as of this moment three weeks after it’s release, it has raised over a hundred million dollars domestically with a reported budget of just under 5 million dollars, needless to say, the fucking thing is a fucking hit.

My friends and I wanted to see “Skull Island” but we have heard so much about this fucking movie and “Forbes Magazine” just declared the movie “Get Out” the movie I needed, my friends needed, America needed & even my unborn children needed to watch, so how could I ignore it. We had a couple of hours to kill so why not go see what the fuck the fuss was all about. I didn’t know much about it, only that it was a horror movie and it was about an interracial couple ( a white girl and a black dude ) & that’s all I knew, plus I’m always game for a good horror movie, so why not?

Having seen the movie and having seen so many positive reviews and watching people go crazy over this fucking thing, has led me to believe that anyone who gives it a bad review, will most certainly be thought of as a major asshole.
In other words…Sounds like a job for me! So here’s my review of this overrated “masterpiece”.

*Beware of Spoilers*
The movie starts with a black man walking through Suburbia, speaking on the phone looking for an exact address,
when unable to find the residence he’s looking for he gets frustrated because he’s nervous being in the suburbs, because compared to the hood , the suburbs are scary you know. I mean, how can a man relax without gunfire?!
Sure enough a car drives suspiciously near him and he gets pulled inside the vehicle by a mask individual. Movie starts okay.

Then we meet the protagonists of the story. They are a couple who are in love that happen to be an interracial couple. There’s the black boyfriend named Chris played by Daniel Kaluuya and the white girlfriend played by Allison Williams, who perverts like me know as the chick who got her salad tossed on the dreadful Lena Porkham HBO TV show “Girls”.

Chris and Rose have been dating for nearly five months, which in their world means that it’s time to meet the parents ( In my world it’s five fucking years but nevermind ). Rose wants to take Chris ( who is an orphan) to meet her folks but Chris is a bit apprehensive because Rose has not informed her parents that he is black but she assures him not to worry because her parents are super liberal and her dad even voted for Obama.

On the way to Rose’s parents house in a remote area of somewhere they hit a deer so they call the police and the cop that comes obviously has to give Chris a hard time even though he was not the one driving the car. The mood has been set.

We make it to Rose’s parents house and it’s a big beautiful home and they embrace Chris and they seem not to have a problem with him being black.
The parents are played by Bradley Whitford and Catherine Keener.
Chris notices that the parents have an all black staff and that they behave in a weird way but the dad is self aware of this & addresses the situation and why that is.

Here’s the thing about this movie, from the get-go one as a viewer suspects or believes that something bad is going to happen to this black kid in this white family’s home, however I would have liked if the movie would have gotten to it a lot sooner, instead it took forever to get there. Plenty of movies take their time to get to the final conflict but if the payoff is amazing you don’t mind the journey, however when the third act finally arrives and the truths are revealed & if the payoff is not that great, then the film feels like a disappointment and I think that is the case with this movie.

This movie to me has a problem when it comes to it’s tone. The movie doesn’t want to go too far with the humor and it doesn’t want to go too far with the horror, therefore it kinda gets boring, I actually dozed off a couple of times. Chris has a best friend played by Lil Rel Howery and he is actually hilarious in this movie but he doesn’t fit with the rest of the movie & it made me feeI that I would’ve rather seen a movie based on his character a paranoid TSA agent.

The performances are fine as a matter fact I think they are the best thing in the movie. The actors were good in their roles but this movie is being treated as if it’s the second coming which I disagree with.

The movie tries to point out to an extend the hypocrisy of even the liberal white people through satire which I can be completely on board with but the politics of these people can just be something they say to avoid suspicion.
As one can imagine social justice warriors and politically correct agents are crazy in love with this movie because it features white people being racists & attacking black people. I think this is the reason why the film is getting so much praise in the American Press.

Many years ago I went to the cinema to watch “Brokeback Mountain” (Insert your gay jokes here), I went with a girl I was dating at the time and I found it ironic that in order to get some pussy I had to go & watch a stupid movie about two guys that start playing butt fiesta with each other. That movie got a lot of praise and a lot of awards and I thought that the only reason why that was, was because it was a movie about two gay guys but had the movie been about a man & woman who were keeping their affair a secret cause they were married to other people, the critics would have given it bad reviews & would’ve called it a shitty Lifetime Network TV movie.

I believe the only reason this movie is getting so much praise is because it features rich white people being very evil & racist and if you’re going to praise a movie so much based on that, then you shouldn’t have a problem if there was a movie about black people being racist & evil towards a white person. I don’t think this film would have been made if the roles were reversed.

Now to clarify to SJWs, I have 0 problems with white people being portrayed as racists in movies, I just think there are better ones.
I know lots of readers of this site loved the movie “Green Room”

And I also happen to love the John Frankenheimer classic action movie “Dead Bang” starring Don Johnson, so if
you’re in the mood to watch racist white people do evil shit, then these are better movies to watch.

A few weeks ago I wrote about the state of black Cinema while I reviewed the movie “New Jack City” & I still wish they made more black films along those lines instead of these social justice warrior movies that are not even half as entertaining as the ones from previous years.

“Get Out” it’s not the worst film ever, however I don’t think it’s as great as they’re making it to be. I think the movie has good performances delivered by the actors, however I wished that it would have gotten to the point sooner since we knew eventually was going to happen.
The movie does not have enough comedy nor enough horror for me therefore I cannot personally recommend it but other people seem to like it but I think lots of those are bandwagon fans.

So there you have it, I’m the asshole that dared to give the movie “Get Out” a negative review. A much better horror movie out there right now is M. Night Shyamalan’s “Split” which I happen to like much more than this one.

This is just my opinion of the cinematic sensation that has taken over America the last few weeks. I’m pretty sure some people might think that I just did not get it because of my “privilege”, however in the current social climate we find ourselves in, lots of people act like the only ones that feel out of place are men that suck dick or have a certain skin tone. Feeling out of place is something that we all can feel regardless of race, nationality, ethnicity or sexual orientation. For example how about those adults that have to start over and are going to school with people half their age or are currently employed in a place that employs mostly people half their age. Or how about when you move and you find yourself in a new place not knowing anybody. Feeling out of place it’s not exclusive to a certain group. It’s a human feeling that we all have felt, so this whole notion that one does not understand feeling out of place because one it’s not such and such it’s bullshit.

“Get Out” might not be the worst movie ever but at this moment in time is overrated as a mothafucka’.

Mucho Macho