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Are They Gonna De-Age Sigourney Weaver?

They’ve done the de-aging thing in the recent Terminator movie and even outright recreation in the recent Star Wars movie.  Are they going to do it again in the Alien universe?

In the latest issue of Empire Mag, Ridley Scott was quizzed about the possibility of a future Alien film using advanced digital technology to literally de-age Sigourney Weaver so that she could reprise the role of a young Ellen Ripley. In recent years, actors like Robert Downey Jr. and Michael Douglas have been de-aged; and if any horror franchise can afford the technology, it’s definitely the Alien series. As it turns out, Scott is mulling over the idea.

Here’s the interesting excerpt from Empire:

All I have to say is, don’t do it, Scott.  Lt. Ripley is young, green and innocent in the original movie.  There’s precisely nothing you can use her for previous to that.


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