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Could Bruno’s New Movie Actually Be… Good?

Below is the trailer for a new Bruce Willis movie, Once Upon A Time In Venice.  But it’s strange, in that first of all, Willis seems to be in the movie quite a lot, even more than can reasonably ‘stretched’ to make a cameo look fuller. But even better, even though it’s a Voltage Pictures movie, it has big names like John Goodman and Jason Momoa.

Dare I say it, we’re even getting a glimpse of the old Willis in this trailer.  The salty wisecracking grouch from The Last Boy Scout?  Also, the premise seems good, because there’s three things you can’t fuck with; A man’s woman, a man’s wheels and a man’s fucking dog.  Never, ever.

Synopsis: When a Los Angeles private investigator’s dog is stolen by a notorious gang, he has to deal with vicious gang leaders, various goons and crooked characters to get his dog back.

This one is released on June 16th, with a limited run also planned.