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Michael Mann Behind New Vietnam Mini Series

Ever wanted to see a Band of Brothers style mini series but with Vietnam as the theme?  Maybe we might just get it — with Michael Mann mostly at the wheel.

Deadline reports that that has just changed, with the news that Mann is teaming up with “Black Hawk Down” author Mark Bowden for a new limited series.

Mann and producer Michael De Luca have picked up the rights to Bowden’s new book “Huê 1968,” which will be published next month, with the intention of turning into into an 8-10 hour event miniseries. The book tells the story of the Tet Offensive, the key event in the Vietnam War that saw a mass surprise attack on the capital of Vietnam in the title, with characters ranging from a young revolutionary schoolgirl to President Lyndon Johnson.

Supposedly Mann will be directing multiple episodes.  I’ll just leave this here…